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January 31, 2006

The Movie You Need is Nanny McPhee

Saturday, I waited, and waited, for my turn to validate my parking garage ticket in the little machine at the Y. I waited, and waited because a little boy, after having a tantrum because his mother stamped the ticket WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION, was allowed, by his chastened mother, to re-stamp their ticket. As they were leaving, he told her in no uncertain terms, that she was NEVER to stamp their ticket again. Only he was allowed.

He was about five.

Won’t he make a charming adult?

He needs a Nanny McPhee.

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January 21, 2006

Coffee Snobbery

After reading this, I will never call myself a coffee snob again. Apparently, traveling with my (gasp!) already ground Major Dickason’s marks me as an amateur.

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January 18, 2006

In the Hot Tub

I live in The City of Scolds.

Having complained publicly about this phenomenon, I thought it best to stay quiet when, after swimming at the Y this morning, I sat in the hot tub with two men, who were discussing their daughters’ college applications. One remarked to the other that he had done more academic work for his daughter, who was applying to all the U.C. schools, than he ever did while he was in school himself. He was concerned about how he would continue to “help” her when she was away.

If anyone deserved a scolding, it was that guy. But I held my tongue.

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