November 13, 2011

STALKER GIRL a “Remarkable Read” on Obsession

School Library Journal just published a short list of “Remarkable Reads” on the topic of Obsession. Among the five titles is Stalker Girl, which they call “tense, tightly-drawn and suspenseful.”

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  1. Dear Rosemary, You may not even remember me, but we were at UVA at the same time, and I have such wonderful memories of you. By strange coincidence I was just evaluating the Shady Brook School in Pittsburgh, PA, and one of the faculty knew you and mentioned your books. It was so fun to find this site and catch a glimpse of what you do.

    I’m the chair of the upper school English department at an all girls school, and it struck me that your books might strike a chord with our middle school girls. We have a fabulous English department, robust writing program and bring writers from all over the country in the fall (Billy Collins, Loung Ung, Thrity Umrigar, Alexandra Fuller, Marjane Satrapi, to name a few) and it struck me that we might add a layer for our younger readers. Your books sound fabulous. Anyway, I’d love to reconnect and hear about your doings. If you’re ever in Cleveland, please look me up, and if you have an interest in coming to Hathaway Brown School, let me know. Warmly, Jamie
    (I tried to contact you through the link on your homepage but it didn’t work)



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