Proud Moment

As a teacher, you never know when and how your words are going to land. And it can go either way. I’m glad that at this moment, I said the right thing:

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  • Richard J. Rosendall

    Rarely is such a gifted artist as humble about it as this gracious young man. His devotion to storytelling that explores his people’s struggles, his gift for collaboration of the most challenging and fruitful kind, and his golden spirit lift his work and his audiences. He has mentioned you in interviews several times when asked how he came to trade football for screenwriting, and happily was interviewed alongside you by Elvis Mitchell. I imagine you were delighted by the phrase “crazy book lady” that he applied to you in describing the fateful day he was summoned to your office. That he still turns to you is as fine a tribute to a teacher as I can imagine. I am writing at a dark hour for our country. Examples like yours and Ryan’s remind us that we can have a victory over the dark, to quote an old screenplay. Blessings.

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