My Not-So-Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel

“Graham chooses a small canvas and fills it with panache.” Publisher’s Weekly

“A tender, funny debut.” Booklist

My Not-So-Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel

Fourteen year-old Tracy Forrester is stuck at Farnsworth House, a big, rambly, slightly musty-smelling house on Cape Cod, for a retreat for divorced parents and their kids.

For friend potential, there’s only Beka, the Angry Girl from New York, or Kelsey, a pretty California Girl who seems impossibly cheerful. Both Beka and Kelsey are way better at the boy thing than Tracy will ever be. They know how to get-and keep-the attention of boys they meet, while Tracy sits quietly, thinking too much about every word she says.

Or might say. If she ever got the chance.

One day the chance comes, in the form of Kevin, an interesting boy who happens to find Tracy interesting. He teaches her how to skateboard, encourages her to share the musical talent she keeps hidden, and inspires her to utter the first flirtatious words of her life. But with girls like Beka and Kelsey around, will Tracy be able to hold Kevin’s interest?