Stalker Girl

Stalker Girl

She wasn’t always like this.

Carly Finnegan has a life. Not a perfect life, but a life. She has friends, a cute little sister, a passion for archaeology. But then Brian, her first love, breaks up with her, and Carly is crushed. When she discovers he’s seeing someone new—Taylor Deen—she’s devastated. Yet also curious. What does Taylor have that she doesn’t?

A lot, according to the Internet. Taylor comes from well-known family and lives in a big Greenwich Village brownstone. She has a talent for photography and the prizes to prove it. She sounds perfect. But is she? Carly sets out to see for herself. One glimpse is all she wants. But one glimpse isn’t enough. Before long, Carly’s risking everything to get closer to Taylor, the seemingly perfect girl with the seemingly perfect life.

How do you know when you’ve crossed the line between interest and obsession? And, once you’ve crossed it, can you ever go back?

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“Achingly believable.”


“A poignant story about how we always seem to be chasing the parts of ourselves that we think are missing”

—Caught in the Carousel

“There is no doubting the intelligent structure and execution.”


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